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The studio reserves the right to change the schedule or add/cancel classes
There must be 5 dancers in a class for it to run

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Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Schedule

Please contact the studio to register for classes! 

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Creative 2s: Our youngest dancers begin their journey in the studio learning creative movement exercises, coordination, as well as how to respond to the rhythm and tempo of music

Combo Classes (Ages 3-6): Ballet, tap, and hip hop/jazz exercises are taught to introduce important dance basics such as stretching, concentration, rhythm, coordination and discipline. The purpose of this class is to provide a strong foundation for continued dance training as well as to develop a love for dance itself. 

Hip Hop/Jazz: Our hip hop/jazz classes incorporate a strong dance foundation as well as proper technique, body alignment, flexibility and classic jazz dance vocabulary with an upbeat rhythm-based style.

Ballet: Our ballet classes will focus on learning the fundamentals of classical ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology, and musicality. Students will also work on barre and center work. 

Pointe: Dancers taking pointe will continue training ballet technique while supporting all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet in pointe shoes. This class is upon invitation only. 

Lyrical: Lyrical class builds upon a foundation of classical ballet and jazz technique with an emphasis on creative and expressive movements. Dancers focus on understanding the dynamics and initiation of the movement along with a sense of breath, musicality, and connection to story. 

Tap: Tap class combines rhythm and coordination to make music with the feet and body. Students will learn the basics of tap technique and musicality. 

Dance Company: Our Dance Company is geared towards dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level and have the desire to be more involved in multiple performance opportunities. This creates a nurturing team environment for dancers while working on developing technique and performance quality. 

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